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Tuesday Tip | Engagement Session & Your Belongings

This one is quick and simple. Leave as much stuff in the car as you can. That means phones, purses, change of clothes, props, everything. The only thing you should bring with you are your keys and your lipgloss or lipstick (and only then if you’re the kinda gal that likes to retouch). If you bring your purse, bag, etc, Jenny or Melanie end up carrying it around. Which we are happy to do. But we like to stay light on our feet, bringing lots of energy and spontinaity to your shoot, and to be ready for anything. That is harder with a Prada on our shoulder in addition to our camera equipment. So don’t worry, we can always run back to the car because we’re never very far away from it! And don’t try to stuff your pockets either, because we’ll see it in the photos.


Above: Jenny shooting Taryn and Kyle’s engagement session in a field in Malibu (thanks for the photo, Angie!). Imagine setting your purse down. It could easily get lost. You never know where your engagement shoot is going to take you!

Above: Melanie shooting Kristen and Sean’s engagement session in Ventura (thanks to Kristen’s mom for the photos!). Imagine trying to play with your adorable puppy and keep track of your stuff! Not as fun. So here is our quick tip for the day! Enjoy!

Marriage Mondays | Expressing Love

Happy Monday! As some of you know, my husband Tyler, and I are pre marital councilors for our church, Pacific Crossroads Church. We meet with couples who are dating and contemplating getting engaged or couples who are already engaged and are preparing for marriage. Marriage is something I feel very passionate about and can’t seem to escape. Another part of our roll as councilors is to give a short talk during the by-yearly seminar our church also provides for dating or engaged couples. I thought I would start a new short series on the blog called Marriage Mondays to showcase here excerpts from this talk. because while we absolutely love weddings here at Alders, we also love marriage. And too often we put too much emphasis on the wedding and not enough on the marriage. So here is our section on expressing love. This is simply the outline we follow and isn’t word for word what we say, however it gives more than just the gist of it! Enjoy!


Expressing Love

While there are many resources out there, one that I love is a book Tyler and I read in the first few months of dating.  It’s called The 5 ​Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  It explains the basics of the different ways we communicate/experience love.

​You might not have the same combination as your spouse, which will make it harder to express love in a way they will accept it.  It’s key to figuring out what your own love language is, so you can tell them how they can best love you.  Love languages can change over time, so always be in communication about it.

​1. Words- regular verbal affirmation of your spouse’s good qualities

​2. Time- setting aside time to spend with your spouse, even if it means giving up something you’d like to do

​3. Gifts- buying your spouse things he/she will like

​4. Service- doing things to help your spouse

​5. Touch- physical affection. Hugs, kisses, massage, hand-holding.  Not necessarily sex.












Read more about and learn how you can participate in the #aldersmarriageadventure HERE!

One Year Later | Our House Before & Afters | Our Bedroom

Over the past year, many of you have asked how our new home is coming along. So I thought for our one year anniversary month, I’d post some before and afters to commemorate the occasion and share some details! There is still a long way to go, but what home is ever finished?

February 28 marks one year ago that we officially owned a house and March 1 we moved in. It was a long and arduous process at times. Anyone who has been in escrow knows the stressful, ulcer inducing trial it is. But more stressful than escrow was living and working in a tiny one bedroom. We desperately needed a bigger place. One year later, we are still so grateful for our new town home. It still feels huge! Here are a few before and afters of our bedroom!

bed 1.jpg

bed 2.jpg

bed 3.jpg

Details about the bedroom: Paint color is Perfect Greige by Sherwinn Williams. My parents gave us a king bed when we got married as a wedding gift. “It’ll save your marriage,” they said! And it’s been a real treat. And thankfully we found a place with a big enough master bedroom for it! The four photos were a studio project from college. Bed frame, lamps, mirror, frames, and night stands are from Ikea. The little box on Tyler’s nightstand was made by my amazing 89 year old grandpa! The jewelry box was a graduation gift from my aunt and comes from Pottery Barn. This room probably needs the most work still, including drapes and a dresser. Mine broke just before the move and my clothes are still in boxes! Oh well! As always, suggestions welcome!

Kristin Miller KellerMarch 25, 2014 - 5:05 pm

I really like your wall color! Our bedroom walls have been blue for awhile and we need a change. I was trying to decide between grey and beige…and this is almost both!

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