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Tuesday Tip | Scheduling Your Ceremony

There was just something we couldn’t put our finger on all day.  Why was this wedding so awesome?  Was it Michelle’s tea length dress?  Of course, but that wasn’t it.  How about her shoes, purse, friends?  All yes…but not it.  Was it Michael’s charm?  His laugh?  His dapper grey suit?  Again, yes, but no.  And then it hit us.  All of this looked really good….because of the light.  Michelle and Mike planned their day perfectly, which leads me to today’s tip:  Have your ceremony 3 hours before sunset.  There is an easy easy app for your phone called Rise.  It will let you know the sunrise and set on your wedding day!  This is invaluable!  plan your day based on that.  Always.  Whether you see each other beforehand (they did) or take photos after.  Always have your ceremony 3 hours before sunset!  Enjoy!







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