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One Year Later | Our House Before & Afters | Kitchen

Over the past year, many of you have asked how our new home is coming along. So I thought for our one year anniversary month, I’d post some before and afters to commemorate the occasion and share some details! There is still a long way to go, but what home is ever finished?

February 28 marks one year ago that we officially owned a house and March 1 we moved in. It was a long and arduous process at times. Anyone who has been in escrow knows the stressful, ulcer inducing trial it is. But more stressful than escrow was living and working in a tiny one bedroom. We desperately needed a bigger place. One year later, we are still so grateful for our new town home. It still feels huge! One way it feels huge is by upgrading to a much bigger kitchen. Looking through the place was initially such a whirl wind that I couldn’t even remember if there was a place for a dish washer (thankfully there was). Not only that but there was a brand new one there as well as a brand new oven/range. We splurged and got ourselves a second fridge to complete the white Whirlpool set! One of my favorite things about the house didn’t even come with the house. I love the water and ice dispensor! Our old fridge leaked anyway so it’s better that it’s on the garage now. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have two refridgerators! Came in handy on Thanksgiving as well as every time I overdo it at the grocery store (I love juicing!). This is by far the biggest makeover of any of the rooms! There were, unbenouced to us when we bought the place, two dead cockroach nests under the drawers in the kitchen. Needless to say, remains were EVERYWHERE. Only by the saving grace of my friends were we able to start using the kitchen in April. That’s right. April. There was a lot of eating out! But after a lot of cleaning, wiping, and scraping, the kitchen was usable. Details in the makeover below!

kitch 1.jpg

kitchen 2.jpg

Details about the Kitchen: Paint color is _________ White by Sherwinn Williams. Meg Long and I repainted the counter tops with Rust-Oleum’s Counter Top Paint in Pewter. This was the best decision ever! I highly recommend it! Knobs, handles, and plants from Ikea. The vintage window and barber shop comb holder (turned straw dispenser) were from the Pasadena Architectural Salvage. Soooo many good finds there! The tin is a souvineer from Switzerland.

Tuesday Tip | How to Best Accomodate Little Ones

Many couples assume that because flower girls and ring bearers are part of the wedding party, they should therefore be WITH the wedding party at all times. However, this can lead to melt downs, tears, fits, and all before the ceremony has even happened. If you are taking photos beforehand, do so with your wedding party but leave the kiddos behind. This will ensure they aren’t over stimulated before they walk down the aisle. If you are taking photos aferward, carve our a special time with the kiddos after family formals, but before the rest of the wedding party shots to take some photos with your little guests. That way they can be dismissed and you can continue enjoying photos wiht your wddding party and you as a couple in peace. Also, are both parents also in the wedding party? If so, assign (or better yet hire) a wrangler (aka babysitter) for the kids that day. I have seen time and time again kids melt down and no one is there to hand them off to so they can have a little down time. Photos are typically during nap time. And even if they aren’t, it’s a high energy day that throws kid’s schedules off. Best to have a familiar face there to provide some stability for them throughout the festivities. That means they, and therefore you and their parents, will all enjoy the day so much more!

These guys carved out 15 minutes just before the ceremony started for a special time to take photos with all the ballerinas. This is something we literally could not have captured if all these little girls had been there for the hour of photo taking that happened before this. Enjoy!




Marriage Mondays | Protection

Happy Monday! As some of you know, my husband Tyler, and I are pre marital councilors for our church, Pacific Crossroads Church. We meet with couples who are dating and contemplating getting engaged or couples who are already engaged and are preparing for marriage. Marriage is something I feel very passionate about and can’t seem to escape. Another part of our roll as councilors is to give a short talk during the by-yearly seminar our church also provides for dating or engaged couples. I thought I would start a new short series on the blog called Marriage Mondays to showcase here excerpts from this talk. because while we absolutely love weddings here at Alders, we also love marriage. And too often we put too much emphasis on the wedding and not enough on the marriage. So here is our section on trust. This is simply the outline we follow and isn’t word for word what we say, however it gives more than just the gist of it! Enjoy!



The world in general- and Los Angeles in particular- can be a pretty brutal place.  Your spouse should be the one person that you can always count on for encouragement.  Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage your spouse, and can be quite easy to criticize them.  You will likely find it very surprising just how cruel you are able to be to the person you love most.  The desire to hurt can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like you aren’t being taken care of, but you need to fight that ​instinct.  If your spouse feels unsafe, the relationship suffers.  It is our job to always look for the good in our spouse and regularly point it out to them.  If they’re anything like Tyler, who is a deeply melancholy person, they may not accept your compliments, which can make it very hard to continue offering them, but we have to.  Sometimes the person your spouse most needs defending against is himself.


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